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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lack of Public Holidays And Leaves In Hong Kong Makes Vacation Planning More Important

 Research released by Hotels.com today reveals discrepancies in paid and public holiday entitlements across the globe. When looking at both statutory annual leave and public holiday allowances, Russia tops the table with 40 days holiday, whilst those living in Mexico came last with only 13 days in total.

Of the 30 nations surveyed, the hotel expert revealed the average annual leave and public entitlement to be 28 days.

Italy and Sweden were both second to Russia with 36 days total holiday, eight more than the global average of 28. In contrast, Canada and Mexico both receive the lowest amount of holiday allowance, with workers only receiving 15 and 13 days respectively.

A plethora of annual bank holidays exist across the world, and Argentina tops the list with 19, which includes the popular 'Carnival' in Argentina between 11th and 12th February. Colombia follows suit with 18 days including 'Dia de San Jose' in Colombia on 19th March. In contrast, Brazil, Canada and India have the lowest number of public holidays with only five days each.

Hong Kong has only 16 days of public holidays, on the back of extra weekdays as many public holidays fall before or after weekends. With the number of long weekends on the rise, short haul destinations should rank high on vacationer’s travel radar this year.