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Friday, February 1, 2013

Preview the Green Future of Driving at MPG Car Rental

 The presence of numerous green and high tech-oriented cars at this year's CES was a reminder that the automobile is growing ever further away from its roots in now centuries old industrial revolution-era advances. The place for a hybrid car rental Los Angeles turns to first, MPG Car Rental is proud to feature a number of cars that represent the most cutting edge technology on the market. With its innovative test drive program, MPG Car Rental gives car rental customers an extra incentive to give some of the best and newest green cars a spin. Whether customers are interested in hybrids, TDI clean diesel, or electric automobiles such as the Chevy Volt, MPG Car Rental is the place.

There's no doubt that the internal combustion engine that powered the 20th century automobile is gradually making way for newer, cleaner technology. Indeed, as highly advanced computing and the latest electronics have been ever more fully integrated into 21st century autos, it's starting to look like the twilight of the traditional internal combustion engine might be closer than anyone now imagines.  While it might be at least a decade before these fundamentally different autos actual appear on city streets, the many likely advances are almost certain to be far more radical than ever of us might have imagined only a few years ago. Hybrid car rentals are only the beginning.
In the meantime, green technology is where it's at and prospective car buyers should take advantage of MPG Car Rental's test drive program to keep their finger on the pulse of automotive change.  Here's how it works: if you rent a car from MPG and wind up purchasing the same model from an affiliated dealer, the agency will reimburse you for up to four days of your car rental.  Whether you're arriving inLos Angeles from out of town and need an airport rental, need to rent a car because you're regular car is being repaired, or if you're just looking for a change, MPG Car Rental represents a great opportunity to try out the latest in automotive technology.
Whether your preference is for a fully electric car like the Chevy Volt, an outstanding hybrid such as a third generation Prius, or an outstanding example of clean turbocharged diesel technology like the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, MPG Car Rental can give you a chance to cut through the hype and see for yourself. With the test drive program, you might not even have to spend any money to do so.
Based in Venice, California MPG Car Rental is a company that cares about the future. For details on the many terrific vehicles rented by MPG Car Rental, simply visit www.mpgcarrental.com or phone 877-870-7821.