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Monday, February 25, 2013

Hotel Completes $20000 internet upgrade

Hotel completes $20,000 Internet upgrade by Marriott in Madera just completed extensive upgrades to theiInternet system, much to the delight of repeat customers.
“More and more travelers are logging into the internet, downloading larger files and bringing their own content with them during a hotel stay.  In order to deliver a distinctive customer experience, Marriott International has established a set of business and technical requirements to properties, referred to as Global Property Network Standards, (GPNS),” said Deanne Edwards, General Manager of the property.
The new standards set forward by Marriott are to  be in place at all hotels by the end of 2014, but the local hotel opted to complete the work ahead of time.
“In order to comply with Marriott’s new requirements, Springhill Suites Madera, installed a new 10mbps Internet circuit in June of 2012 and just completed the installation of all supporting equipment in February 2013,” Edwards said.
“The initial investment of over $20,000.00 is now delivering lighting fast internet to all guests wherever they are within the hotel, with uninterrupted service,” she said.
Repeat guests have noticed the change in connectivity and speed, and have had positive reviews of the new system.
“One frequent guest commented that the difference is like comparing a Ford to a Maserati,” Edwards said.
Eventually, the plan is for Marriott to offer a tiered Internet connection for guests. The original connection will be available for free, while the higher-speed connection will be available for a $5 charge.
“Guests will always have the option to choose the slower, complimentary internet which still meets the needs for casual surfers.  Business travelers  who are willing to pay the minimum cost will receive the higher speeds necessary to complete their in-room business and move on with their day,” Edwards said.
Currently, no date has been set for Marriott to start charging. In the meantime, guests can enjoy the new high-speed connection free of charge.