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Monday, February 25, 2013

First French Egyptian partnership in footwear:

Sledgers steps into Egypt
In its never-ending quest to furnish men with shoes of stylish sophistication and absolute comfort, Sledgers adds another fantastic fashion destination for the gentlemen in Egypt, as the leading French brand for premium European-styled men’s shoes and fashion essentials unveiled its new and bigger boutique (100m2) at City Stars, Cairo.

Guests from different media groups, business and diplomatic core and mall shoppers got an exciting preview of the boutique’s fa├žade. The opening was attended by Mr. Hassan Benham, Director of UBIFRANCE Egypt (organism which is helping the French companies to export) as a representative of the French Ambassador. It was also attended by Mr. Florian Rocher, Export Manager at Noel Group in France, Mr. Khaled Halaby, the chairman of Team for Int'l Trade company, the exclusive agent for the brand & the first to introduce Sledgers to the Egyptian market along with a number of spotted VIPs and clients.

" We are glad to inaugurate the first boutique of Sledgers in Egypt" Mr. Florian Rocher, said. "We are confident that Sledgers will do well in the Egyptian market and will attract customers who value the elegancy, Versatility and comfort in a very short span" he added.

" We believe Egypt can be the entering place to this continent, By the size of the population it represents a huge potential for the future. In addition Egypt has a potential to grow fast and strong in the coming years with a stable political situation. We also believe the historical links between Egypt and France can help and we are sincerely proud to start selling in this marvelous country which hosted the nest of the civilization" he resumed.

"The French elegance still sits on the throne of the world's fashion. It still attracts elegance lovers with its unique models, distinctive character & the Infinite comfort that suits all needs. This is exactly what features Sledgers shoes." said Mr. Khaled Halaby, the chairman of Team for Int'l Trade company, the exclusive agent for the brand.

" We know for a fact that the Egyptian customer appreciates the top quality products, thus, we really expect a great success for Sledgers in the Egyptian Market". he added.
" The studies we conducted outside Egypt proved an extremely high loyalty rates; 90% of customers who try Sledgers continue to buy it for a long time. We think we can reach the same percentage in Egypt" he resumed.

" I'm really glad to have Sledgers in Egypt" said one of the mall shoppers who attended the opening ceremony. " I constantly buy this brand name from outside Egypt for a long time & I really think it is the best French shoes brand ever" he added.

About the Brand Name
SLEDGERS is a French brand of Men's leather footwear which was founded in the year 1921. For more than 75 years, Sledgers still stands true to its philosophy of providing COMFORTABLE, ELEGANTLY DESIGNED and TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED footwear to its customers. It is one of the last brand still designed and made in France.
The choice of the materials is one of the most important points. In Sledgers, they believe that the most beautiful design worth nothing without a quality leather.
SLEDGERS materials are from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other European markets dental full leather material, including all contained inside are from calf leather; with strict production process prior to quality control, quality materials, exclusive components, high manufacturing quality, Shock Absorber cushioning and Extra Width, which basically makes the shoes custom-fitted for all men’s distinct foot measurement. All these features allows for comfortable, long-lasting wear, in all respects satisfy consumers.
The design department with top designers in Sledgers, introduced a large number of new products every year, filling the Paris, London, Barcelona and New York fashion. The best material, the most perfect fit and comfort and durability for the SLEDGERS win fame is undoubtedly a prerequisite.

Sledgers has always been in advance to use the most innovative technologies. They are always trying to improve the comfort of our shoes. Not a marketing message but a true and real comfort. Lightness, Flexibility, shock absorption, wide fitting are the main concepts that they keep in mind when developing new lines.
Sledgers have also developed innovative concept like “Airport Friendly” shoes without any metal inside the outsole or removable insoles that customer can change or replace by orthopedic ones. At the end of the day Sledgers shoes must be healthy for the body.
In Sledgers, they believe that producing shoes is not so difficult but making nice comfortable shoes is always a challenge.