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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

AT&T and Verizon postpone 5G rollout after airlines’ outcry

At issue is the potential interference of 5G signals with radar altimeters, which help pilots land in low visibility. The frequency used by the wireless service was described as “close” to that on which some of the altimeters operate. The airlines demanded a permanent, two-mile buffer zone around US airports to avoid this interference.  - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

COVID-19 booster shots now required to enter Abu Dhabi

The UAE has seen daily cases jump from about 50 a day in early December to more than 3,000 a day this week. The country has reported 2,195 deaths from COVID as of Monday. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Rome’s Casino dell’Aurora goes on the auction block

Casino dell'Aurora - home to the world’s only ceiling mural painted by Caravaggio, with estimated value of €471 million ($540 million), is one of the most expensive homes ever put on the market. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Indonesia to move capital to new city in Borneo jungle

Jakarta’s agglomeration, home to more than 30 million people, has long been plagued by various infrastructure problems and congestion. Frequent flooding and climate change fears also led some climate specialists to warn that the huge city could literally sink under water by 2050. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Monday, January 17, 2022

Open World Economy: Does China Have the Answer?

How did the world's second-largest economy realize growth despite challenges including sporadic epidemic resurgences and a complicated external environment? - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

New flights from Paris to Quebec on Air France

As of May 17, 2022, Air France will connect the Capitale-Nationale area to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport with three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Germany cuts COVID-19 natural immunity status to 90 days now

Proof of prior infection must be provided using nucleic acid detection or a PCR test. Anyone who can show a positive PCR test result that is at least 28 days old is considered recovered. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Three people killed in drone attack on Abu Dhabi Airport

Initial investigation indicates that the explosion and the fire were caused by a drone attack, while Yemen’s Houthi rebels have announced a strike “deep” in Emirati territory. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Frankfurt Airport’s Passenger Traffic Recovers Noticeably in the Latter Half of the Year

Fraport Traffic Figures 2021: Overall passenger numbers for FRA and Fraport’s Group airports worldwide still remain well below pre-crisis standards – Frankfurt Airport achieves new all-time record for annual cargo tonnage. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Zanzibar Opens More Doors to Tourism Investments

Targeting six areas for blue economy development, Zanzibar government is now wooing the Island’s citizens living in Diaspora to invest to the Island with priority in tourism, fishing, and gas and oil exploration. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

The Strange Texas Synagogue Attack: All Opinions Are Strictly My Own

Saturday was the start of the Martin Luther King weekend. That weekend should be a time for reflection and a time when the many ethnic and religious communities that populate the United States take time to consider how we might all work toward a more perfect union. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Mexican Tourism the SKAL Way: Friendship, a Special Toast, and Stars at the AGM

When friends in tourism come together, it mostly includes a SKAL Toast. Founded in 1934, Skål International is the only professional organization promoting global Tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the Tourism industry. SKAL Clubs around the world join together at SKAL. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Wines of Spain: Taste the Difference Now

I recently had the opportunity to be introduced to a selection of the unique and delicious wines from Spain. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

All unvaccinated employees now banned from workplaces in Singapore

“If termination of employment is due to employees’ inability to be at the workplace to perform their contracted work, such termination of employment would not be considered as wrongful dismissal,” the government said. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Third cruise line signs new port agreement with Hawaii

The World Residences at Sea joins Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) to formalize health and safety protocols for cruise line operations in the State of Hawaii - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Friday, January 14, 2022

EU claims its rules do not compel airlines to make ‘ghost’ flights

European Union washes its hands of 'use it or lose it' airport slot regulation, claiming that airlines are under no obligation to follow it. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

India Tour Operators Plead for Help Now with Financial Crisis

The Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) has written to India Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his help to overcome the unprecedented financial crisis facing the industry since March 2020, which has further been worsened by recent postponement of international flights on account of the recent COVID-19 wave. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

India superspreader event draws 3,000,000 people despite new COVID-19 surge

While public gatherings are banned in some parts of the country, where infections with the highly transmissible Omicron variant have been on the rise, the local government in West Bengal allowed the festival this year. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

US tourist attractions with the most expensive parking fees

Parking at many US attractions can end up costing visitors much more than expected. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Poor countries reject free COVID-19 vaccines offered by UN

Poorer countries have a number of issues with accepting the vaccines donated to them. Many lack storage capacity to receive shipments and have problems with rolling out vaccination campaigns due to factors like domestic instability and strained healthcare infrastructure. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Brain Cell Damage Higher in COVID-19 Patients than Alzheimer’s Patients

Patients hospitalized for COVID-19 had higher levels over the short term of blood proteins known to rise with neurological damage than non-COVID-19 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a new study finds. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

FAA raises 5G risks for ‘aircraft with untested altimeters’

The FAA has previously suggested the 5G network could impact sensitive aircraft equipment, including altimeters, but today the agency provided specific details outlining its concerns. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

The Queen strips disgraced Prince Andrew of all military titles amid sex scandal

In her lawsuit against the British royal, Virginia Giuffre claims that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew for sex by late pedophile billionaire Epstein and his recently-convicted associate Ghislaine Maxwell. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Denmark now offers 4th COVID-19 vaccine shot to ‘vulnerable’ citizens

The additional shot will be available starting later this week for those with serious pre-existing conditions who received an initial booster last fall, the official continued. The government is also now considering another dose for elderly citizens and nursing home residents, though has yet to make a decision. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

New CDC mask guidelines: What you need to know

N95 and KN95 masks are very good at filtering particles but are still relatively easy to wear. They are designed for professional settings like healthcare or construction works. The masks form an effective seal with a person’s face and are said to filter out at least 95% of small particles. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Ringing in the Ears: 5 Important Facts You Should Know

Ear ringing, or tinnitus, is experienced by most people at some point in their lifetimes. Over 50 million Americans experience some form of tinnitus and about 20 million experience chronic tinnitus. While the ringing is commonly temporary and resolves itself, there are forms of tinnitus that can be long-lasting and signal underlying health conditions that require treatment. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Hans Airways signs Letter of Intent for new Airbus A330-200

The A330 will be registered as G-KJAS, adopting the surname of one of Hans Airways’ principal early investors, who has believed in its community airline model since the project was conceived in 2019. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

France to ban incest for the first time since 1791

Incest, blasphemy, and sodomy were decriminalized in 1791 as French revolutionary forces sought to remove Christian-inspired morality entrenched by the monarchy. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

IATA: New Omicron restrictions impede air travel recovery

World's governments over-reacted to the emergence of the Omicron variant and resorted to the tried-and-failed methods of border closures, excessive testing of travelers and quarantine to slow the spread. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

New Rome, Nice and Alicante flights on Icelandair now

These new Icelandair routes provide connections between North America and Iceland to three popular tourist destinations during the busiest travel time of the year. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News