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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Customized travel experiences in Chile

Have you ever wanted to explore another part of the world from the eyes of a native having the advantages of knowing all the great spots on and off the beaten path, but with special itineraries that meet your interests and timeline of travel?

For trips to Chile, is the answer for customized travels and experiences with emphasis on personalized, guided tours to Patagonia. Chile Nativo Travel is an expedition/excursion operator with an intimate family of staff that is both native and expert in the Patagonian region of Chile. The team deeply enjoys sharing the Chilean culture and traditions with its travelers, as well as educating all about the overwhelming array of nature provided by the region.

The key to this difference is the guide. With Chile Nativo Travel, each guide is a respectful teacher of the surroundings with special focus on the community, preservation of natural resources, and paying attention to every detail to make the journey truly an experience, not just a trip.

Founded in 2000, Chile Nativo Travel has relied almost exclusively on the Internet for the majority of its sales. Chile Nativo Travel launched its new website and decided to move its domain to .travel.
“We adopted our .travel address to reach travelers from outside of South America. .Travel gives security to overseas clients that we are an authenticated travel provider in Chile,” stated one of the original co-founders of Chile Nativo, “Also, we believe that the future trend of the Internet and search will be moving to domain names like .travel."

On the website you can find all the information you need to organize your trip along with testimonies from all corners of the globe. Included on are rave reviews that speak of amazing experiences, both educational and social, where various travelers comment on the additional attention to detail provided by the guides from the first leg of the trip to the very finale.

In addition to organizing trips to Patagonia, Chile Nativo Travel can arrange excursions to other extraordinary locations: Northern Chile and the lunar-like landscapes of the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama, rich with archeology and an active travelers dream, world-class wine tastings in the fertile central valley of Chile, and coastal tours visiting beautiful ViƱa del Mar and the historic port of Valparaiso.

If you would like to customize a trip to Chile, let design your best routes, lodging, highlights, and cultural insights. For more information, visit .

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Sri Lanka benefits from using .travel

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau is witnessing the benefits of using the .travel domain name with . Since its launch seven years ago, the site has received over millions of page views, with many unique, first-time visitors.

Kicking its promotional efforts into full gear with , the country joined many other popular tourist destinations and organizations in using .travel for its website and emails.

“When we were developing our website initially, we decided to use the .travel domain because it was globally accepted,” said the then Managing Director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.
In fact, the Sri Lanka Tourism website was revamped with a new look and feel in line with a new brand strategy launching that same year.

To plan your dream holiday in Sri Lanka, explore wildlife, and experience an island of small miracles, visit .

For more information on .travel, The Source for All Things Travel, visit

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tour company in The Netherlands opts for .travel website

When Elisabeth, of Elisabeth's Tailor Made Tours & Promotions in The Netherlands, was to set up her website, she didn't have to think too long to decide that a domain with a .travel extension was the way to go. Having a website with “.travel” in its name would provide her with instant brand recognition.

Said owner, Elisabeth, about why she chose the .travel domain for her website, “I was advised to do so, and I did not have to think about it twice because my business is all about TRAVEL.”

Elisabeth’s Tailor Made Tours offers personalized, guided tours and events relating to culture, art, history, architecture, (vintage) design & fashion, nature & gardens, science, and interesting sights in combination with sporting activities like for instance guided walks and bike tours in Amsterdam and The Netherlands in all their beauty across the shifting seasons in one or more days.

Apart from cultural and educational customized guided tours, Elisabeth’s tour company also offers art workshops in which active participation is an important aspect. Some tours even include visits of ateliers of well-known artists.

Tours are carefully planned, customized and personalized and are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch. Elisabeth’s Tailor Made Tours also does reservations of selected unique hotels and B&B locations. Tour experiences include transportation via boat, bike taxi, coach, Vintage old timer or bus, limousine, by bike or on foot and may be designed for companies, schools, and international and private groups.

For more information about Elisabeth's Tailor Made Tours & Promotions, visit .

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Yucatan elevating its travel beauties to new levels

The Yucatan is a magical land where the past becomes the present every day. With its roots on display at Chichen Itza, Uxmal, or Ek Balam, the Mayan culture is a component of the Yucatan’s culture. With fascinating gastronomy mixing its heritage of Mayan recipes with Creole influences, the culinary exploration of its rich history is a fun way to entice your palate and brush up on your history knowledge, too.

Fusing many of the ultimately unique components of the Yucatan into its promotional efforts has been done with Formerly marketed under a .com address, the Yucatan government adopted .travel to elevate the exposure of its beauties to the end consumer. Knowing that travelers are looking for more specified information, the Yucatan government aligned its sales and branding goals in its new website.

After its launch, received a 20 percent increase in traffic to its website. “We adopted .travel because we know that today, travelers are searching on the web for specialized information,” stated Saul M. Ancona Salazar, State Secretary of Tourism Promotion. “With our site, we are seeing increasing numbers of site visits.”

With the goal of promoting, encouraging, and stimulating tourism to the Yucatan, the Yucatan Tourist Board is using .travel in all of its printed and electronic publicity.

Come lose yourself among the archaeological, marine, and culinary wonders of the Yucatan. Plan your visit at .

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sweet Home Alabama calls .travel home

One of the many faces in .travel is . Alabama, known as “Sweet Home Alabama,” is one of the most beautiful areas in the Southern United States. With over 4.6 million people calling it home, Alabama is among the nation’s leaders in aerospace, education, and healthcare.

The Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel decided in 2007 to begin the process of switching from other top level domains to .travel, because the chance to get in early with a more respected top level domain was too good to pass up. According to Luckie & Company, “We honestly had some reservations at first about how consumers might react to a new domain. But early testing on keyword ads and other studies showed that people seemed to respond extremely well to a .travel address.”

Alabama reiterates their dedication to .travel by using .travel on all of their marketing and promotion materials, including, email, TV commercials, web banners, trade shows, and brochures. When asked about .travel’s credibility, Luckie & Company stated, “If the .travel registrars continue managing the assignment of names responsibly, it will pay off in the long-term by adding an extra level of credibility to .travel sites.”

There is no doubt that will continue their growth and expansion of tourism through .travel. If you are interested in learning more about this great state, please visit,

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Catalina Island: Southern California’s magical island

Catalina Island is a very popular tourist destination just off the coast of southern California. In an effort to make it fun and easy to plan a trip to this magical island, the owners at Catalina Island Marketing selected the TLD .travel as its preferred Catalina Island Guide Website (

"We choose .travel for many reasons, first being that we believe the .travel extension will become the Internet's standard for travel destinations," says Drew Mauck, Owner and Developer for Catalina Island Marketing.  "Our website is designed using the latest Responsive web design elements to maximize the users experience on mobile devices. More and more travelers use mobile devices to plan their vacations and while on holiday. Catalina.Travel, coupled with our Free Catalina Island Mobile App ( insures that our users enjoy the very best planning experience."

Travel.Travel is a very helpful resource for developers like Catalina Island Marketing. Travelers using the Internet will find the .travel TLD to be not only the standard for travel destinations but also the most reliable resource, lending credibility to searches and eventual planning.

Catalina Island Marketing is very proud to be working with the network to provide its users the most innovative user experience while offering them superior content.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The City of Brotherly Love is having its own love affair

Seven years ago, the Philadelphia Visitors and Convention Center commented on establishing their .travel domain. “We wanted a web site domain name that would set us apart as a great resource for conventions and visitors. We thought using .travel would have an ‘official travel organization’ feel to it that you don’t get from a .com or .org,” said Danielle Cohn, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for on why they decided go with a .travel domain.

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, known on the web as, is a private, nonprofit membership corporation and is the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia globally and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Cohn explained that the mission of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) is to generate economic impact and job growth by increasing the region’s hotel occupancy and revenues, while concurrently affecting other diverse segments of the hospitality industry. The bureau will do whatever it takes to attract ethnically diverse regional, national, and international convention and tourism customers through creative sales, marketing, and communications efforts.

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia globally and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It is an economic engine for the city, creating jobs and fueling the economy by bringing meetings, conventions, and travelers to Philadelphia. The PHLCVB advocates for Philadelphia and the region’s continuous transformation of infrastructure, growth of human capital, and brand asset management. It serves as a connector for meeting planners, conference attendees, tour operators, travelers, and its members by orchestrating a symphony of resources to create great expectations.

The PHLCVB offers services in the areas of convention sales and services; marketing and communications; membership; tourism; finance and administration; multicultural affairs; sports events; and the raising the visibility of the tri-state region (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) as a world-class destination for life-sciences meetings, conventions, and business.

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau loves its city and is passionate about its clients and visitors, seeing itself as an ambassador for the city.

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Brunei marketing its tourism offerings to the global market

Brunei Tourism is working to market its tourism potential in the extremely competitive global tourism market. It is with a clear strategy of increased expert staff in conjunction with implementation of that Brunei Tourism is has created its identity as a chosen destination.

Offering a unique blend of modern refinement, scenic allure, culture, and heritage, Brunei is a majestic kingdom of unexpected treasures. With such richness, it is no doubt that Brunei is a distinctive and exciting travel destination in Southeast Asia.

Having adopted .travel in all of its promotional materials, advertisements, trade fair booths, and means of communication, such as email and business cards, Brunei Tourism is 100% branded with .travel. It is with this web presence that Brunei Tourism witnessed significant results in search engines and with increased numbers of visitors to its website upon launching several years ago.

When asked about the benefits of marketing with .travel, a Brunei Tourism representative stated, “Having a .travel domain represents a convenient and easy way to identify genuine travel entities. It should be a must for those in the industry to adopt the .travel domain name.”

With the Internet growing by the minute, .travel gives Brunei Tourism a certain recognition; it makes it easier to be found among the millions of sites on the Internet.

To learn more about the Green Heart of Borneo and see for yourself the "Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures," visit, .

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

A .travel domain provides brand unification for online tourist guides

Pixeldreams has been a part of the online travel industry since 2006 providing online travel sites where users can find all things needed on a destination to prepare for a trip. “At first, each city guide was functioning independently, but when we decided to make the leap to create a brand with which to be recognizable in social media and directly associated with the tourism industry, we liked the sound of the name Guias.Travel and especially the possibility of having the generic name of what we do: "Guides" (in Spanish Guias),” commented Isaac Paton, Pixeldreams Founder.

Pixeldreams loves the concept of .travel, and month by month the developments under its .travel domains go live, which for them is the best to have city names on .travel and develop on it. The latest .travel developments are and which are focused on the Spanish market.

For 2014, Pixeldreams will begin multi-language developments under a .travel generic city and region domains. It is looking for strategic alliances in the French market, especially for the Burdeox zone and Sicilia, and also in growth markets like Abu Dhabi and Astana. Pixeldreams has a .travel area for all them, and it expects to make great contacts at FITUR 2014, as well as focusing on classic holiday destinations like Punta Cana and Benidorm.

Pixeldreams` goal is to provide the best information users can find to prepare for their trip and enjoy a destination, and this has been its success over the years. Pixeldream`s customers love the good information provided, and they buy the service recommend on their web site.

At Pixeldreams, every good notice about .travel is amplified as it develops, that's why on the social level, Guias.Travel is already connected with all the official portals that use the domain. Pixeldreams invites all those who are still not connected, to so via

For more information about what Pixeldreams does, access, as from there it is possible to access the different city developments.

For information about the full destinations generic portfolio and possible alliances, write to

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New Zealand Tours chooses .travel domain for optimal travel exposure is one of the most awarded tourism businesses in New Zealand. Its extensive range of Auckland Tours is the result of the passion of its Directors Neill and Ceillhe Sperath for the outstanding natural beauty, Maori culture, and friendly people that Auckland and New Zealand have to offer.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, provides an extensive range of high-quality Auckland Tours. Neill and Ceillhe Sperath are New Zealanders that are extremely passionate about Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) and Aotearoa (New Zealand). Ceillhe is a New Zealander of Maori descent, who has excellent contacts with groups involved in this fascinating culture that is so much part of New Zealand. This is very much reflected in the extensive range of high-quality Auckland Tours provided. Ceillhe is also a direct descendant of 2 very prominent Maori chiefs that helped shape New Zealand.

Neill Sperath is a passionate New Zealander by choice. He is of Irish and German descent and has become a proud New Zealander and a New Zealand citizen since relocating from Europe several years ago, after falling in love with New Zealand and Ceillhe. Previous to that he lived mainly in Ireland and Germany and is well travelled, having visited over 40 countries so far. Before coming to New Zealand Neill managed several large shopping centers in Europe.

Commenting on why they chose .travel for their website domain, Neill said: “.travel is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to our industry. This leads to Google and other search engines looking more favorably on our website and results in higher rankings.”

The unrivaled enthusiasm for what they do, unique and highly personal Auckland and NZ Tours, knowledge of and access to truly exceptional places and cultural experiences, plus their knowledge of both international and Maori culture, is what sets them apart from other tourism operators. Plus in the past few years alone they have won 8 significant awards, including a worldwide tourism award and many other awards.

Also on offer are Private Luxury Tours around Auckland and New Zealand as well as Auckland Tours for larger groups. Their success is based mainly on referrals from travelers who have been thrilled with the unique experiences around Auckland that were offered to them.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Secret travel escapes in Germany revealed is Germany’s most brilliant trip discovery platform. This website has made it fun, easy, and possible for travelers to discover amazing places in Germany, so far known only to local “insiders.” teamed up with the nation-leading knowledge community to create the most exciting database of hidden gems for travelers planning to visit Germany.

The secret is simple: Hivino collected the best places in Germany, known only by "insiders," and collected all the information travelers will need to make visiting simple and free. The team of "insiders" works around the clock to get the best places listed in categories like spa wellness & detox, seasonal attractions like ski and Christmas markets, places to enjoy family trips, tons of medieval castles, exploration of old towns, engaging in outdoor activities, and much more. is rapidly growing to become the most complete source of hidden gems in Germany.
This means that a trip to Germany becomes even more pleasant and exciting. After selecting the beautiful places from the website’s discovery panel, simply add it to a personal trip designed by you, for you, with everything organized into an easy-to-read itinerary from a mobile device, email, or even shared on social media with friends. Hivino is a brand of Flyvino UG. For more information, go to .

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Schloss Hohenkammer: Sustainability in practice

Restoration work on the Schloss Hohenkammer castle in Freising, Germany, and construction of the new reception and guest house were completed in autumn 2008. As the complex’s proprietor, Munich Re’s commitment to quality set the standard. The authentic character of the restoration work and the ideal combination of the new structure’s materials (natural stone, wood, and plaster) create a harmonious architectural ensemble. Following its restoration, Schloss Hohenkammer has become a world-class seminar center.

Schloss Hohenkammer’s location is a contributing factor to the “exceptional” situation in which visitors find themselves. The farmland surrounding the seminar center has been part of the castle for centuries. The farm is organic and operates according to the principle of sustainability, and one can literally taste the difference. Ask about Gut Eichethof’s spirits and cooking oils.

Sustainability is the motto for the entire Hohenkammer estate. This is proven by the complex’s solidity. Guests sense this atmosphere of absolute composure. The seminar center radiates authenticity and tradition. Even “fleeting” visitors do not leave without a lasting impression, regardless of how quickly they may return to the city or airport. Schloss Hohenkammer lies off the beaten track, yet is still easy to reach by train, car, or plane.

Once the site of the “Eichet” Forest, today this area is home to Gut Eichethof, an agricultural estate that has been an integral part of Schloss Hohenkammer for centuries. Back then the term sustainability still lay in the distant future and farmers instead relied on their common sense; it was this reasoning that determined how land was cultivated so that it could sustain people in both the present and future. Today Helmut Steber, master farmer and director of Gut Eichethof, would like to achieve two kinds of sustainability at once: ecological preservation and economic success.

The farm’s productivity attests to his success. Gut Eichethof boasts modern management practices and is a highly profitable enterprise, in which close attention to detail and quality can be sensed in every facet.

In 2002, the farm was recognizes as being part of the “Okoland Offensive” (Organic Land Offensive) by the Federal Department of Trade and Industry. It also received the distinction of practicing “sustainable agriculture fit for the future” from the DLG (German Agricultural Society). Since 1992, Gut Eichethof has belonged to a network of organic farms called “Naturland.”

Until the 1980s, the forests on Gut Eichethof were planted with conifers – monocultures that could not hold their own against major storms, such as Vivian and Wiebke. In 1990 those in charge started to “rebuild” the forests. In the future they are to be populated by a resistant mixture of trees rather than by vulnerable conifers. The fifteen different tree varieties used here are well-suited to the various soil types and sites on the estate.

A mixed forest also produces valuable wood that enjoys a greater market demand and fetches higher prices; additionally, a mixed forest also provides the ideal place to relax and get away from it all. There will be no shortage of Schloss Hohenkammer seminar visitors wandering through our woods. In fact, when the guest house at Schloss Hohenkammer was restored, the new entrance hall and 65 hotel rooms were built with the lovely oak wood from our own forests.

From Koniginstrasse in Munich it is only 30 minutes by car. With regard to quiet and tranquility, however, it is very far away from everyday stress and tiresome routines. Schloss Hohenkammer is independent of external energy supplies. The raw materials from Gut Eichethof’s forests and fields supply the complex with enough fuel and substrate for the biogas plant.

For more information, visit

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Azerbaijan as a tourism destination has it all

The rich historical, cultural, and natural heritage of Azerbaijan attracts visitors from all over the world. Untouched nature, mineral springs, the world's only oil field treatment – Naftalan, a unique ancient architecture, unique culture, cuisine, and more contribute to the formation in Azerbaijan of all types of tourism: business, sport, medical, cognitive, hunting, exotic, beach, and even gastronomic.

Azerbaijan is a territory of 9 out of 11 of the world's climatic zones. The climate of the country enables to organize summer and winter holidays. Very common are ecological tours to Azerbaijan, which include visits to nature reservations, trekking, and climbing routes. Mid-day sandy beaches offer opportunities for diving, and swimming season starts in Azerbaijan in May.

The tourism sector in Azerbaijan is developing day by day, becoming one of the most important sectors of the economy.

The flow of international tourists is increasing every year (currently at 2,484,048), so in the capital and other tourist areas there is a growing number of hotels with the highest level of service. Today their number is more than 500. Among the most popular hotels in the capital are the chain of brand hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Hyatt Regency, JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, Grand Hotel Europe, Hilton Baku, and Kempinski Hotel Badamdar, etc.

Hotels, recreation, entertainment, and sports centers operate also in the regions of Azerbaijan - a chain of hotels and amusement parks - Qafqaz Gabaland in Gabala, the epic winter and summer tourist complex “Shahdag” in the Gusar region, and more than 15 Olympic sports complexes having necessary infrastructure for receiving tourists all over the country, etc.

All this indicates that tourism in Azerbaijan is one of the priorities of the state policy and holds great promise for economic development. In its efforts to readily have their website instantly identifiable with travel, Azerbaijan chose the .travel domain for its online tourism presence.

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.travel Registry pleased with website

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, USA - TRMC, the .travel Registry, is pleased and gratified that the website, the signature booking portal for the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents is doing so well. Joining country portals such as and, has embraced the value of the clear travel and tourism identity that the .travel top level domain provides. 

Byron Henderson, Managing Director of .travel, noted that "MATTA has been a long-time supporter of the .travel Registry and the .travel initiative to improve the reach of the travel and tourism industry on the Internet. MATTA's leadership in offering travel packages through its own portal under its .travel name introduces a new level of service to their members."

In a world of more than 1,000 top level domains, MATTA's choice, at this moment, shows that as the Internet grows and segments, a clear domain name identity is one of the best marketing investments a business can make.

Follow the .travel Registry on Facebook ( ), Twitter ( ), and on other social media, or visit their web site at .

For more information, contact 

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Escape! Luxuriate at Flamingo Sunset's Villas of Tortola

Everyone who seeks to escape day-to-day life and enjoy a vacation loves the sense of being away from the usual, yet we do in fact miss the comfort of our own home. Located in the private residential community of Belmont Estate in Tortola’s West end, Flamingo Sunset presented by Villas of Tortola, is an inviting retreat which welcomes its guests “home.”

Perfect for a family, this villa offers expansive space to relax in comfort in an intimate setting to enjoy the company of your loved ones. The split level home accommodates up to eight guests in four en suite bedrooms with the option of adding two extra cots for children.

The villa has a very modern appeal with Balinese-imported furniture, most of which is made from heavy teak wood of the highest quality. Pale colors and decor throughout the home pay tribute to the calmness of the sea-side setting.

Through the front door on the main level is a large open-plan living area with a kitchen, living room, and dining area. The kitchen features sparkling granite countertops and maple cabinetry with a breakfast bar and five stools. A full selection of modern appliances allows preparation of a scrumptious family-style meal to be enjoyed alfresco on the dining table on the spacious outdoor balcony.

A second indoor dining table is perfect to play board games from the selection available when not lounging on the living room sofa bonding over movie time.

To the right of the kitchen is the master suite with a king-size bed and walk-in closet with ample space for multiple suitcases and a variety of outfits. The en suite bathroom comprises a large Jacuzzi and double sinks with tasteful contemporary decor. In the corner of the room is an office desk and out on the private balcony are two rocking chairs looking out to sea.

The second bedroom affords a private balcony harboring rocking chairs and a cozy king-size bed. Its en suite bathroom features an intriguing stone sink basin, imported from Bali using their own local granite.

On the lower level, two bedrooms each with two twin beds that can be converted into a king, have en suite bathrooms and direct access to the patio and 30-foot pool – ideal for those who enjoy morning laps. This level sits a second outdoor dining table and a gas grill for barbecues. Enjoy the Caribbean breezes with the fully screened floor to ceiling sliding doors, or take advantage of the air-conditioning throughout the villa.

Surrounding the property are meticulously maintained gardens with an array of exotic trees including tropical palms, mango, banana, and cedar. Magenta bougainvillea, hibiscus flowers, and ferns are complemented by the multi-toned blue water creating colorful tropical surroundings.

Flamingo Sunset is named after the two most astonishing sights to witness from its pristine location: flamingos in the salt pond below the Belmont Peak, and spectacular sunsets of whipped pink, orange, and purple tones setting between Great Tobago and Jost Van Dyke.

Below, Smugglers Cove is a hidden gem – just a five-minute drive away, the white sand beach is a peaceful National Park lined with palm trees and unknown to most visitors.

Even closer and visible from the villa is Long Bay beach with a mile-long shore and two dining options. Along the coast heading north, more restaurants can be found at Apple Bay, a local community with a renowned surfing beach and the infamous Bomba Shack, home of the full moon parties.

Conveniently located 10 minutes from the home is Soper’s Hole Marina where you will find the West End Ferry Terminal with day trips to Jost Van Dyke, along with a variety of shops, services, and restaurants.

New as a rental to Villas of Tortola’s portfolio, Flamingo Sunset invites you to come, stay, and make yourselves at home.

For more information, contact: Sam Pierce,