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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Travel blog network FREE deal brings together travelers around the globe

A travel blog network launched a few years ago that brings together travelers from all over the world. Users of are all individuals that enjoy travel and have taken advantage of the free travel blogs provided by to track and tell their travel stories.

It is becoming increasingly popular for travelers to create travel blogs and update them during their journeys - better than a postcard, more convenient than a phone call. Today’s travelers want to document their daily adventures in journal entries and pictures for their friends, family, and followers to view.

“I liked the sound of the .travel extension, and I realized that I could obtain a more attractive website with .travel,” commented co-owner of, Robert Geoghegan, “As the .travel extension says exactly what it does, ‘on the packet,' I feel it has helped us gain a foothold in an extremely competitive area.”

It is easy to join the community and get your own travel blog for free. Not only is a travel blog cost effective as compared to international phone calls or the unnecessary hassle of purchasing phone cards, but they are a great way to preserve memories. With a travel blog, you can keep a multi-media diary with photos, videos, and more to last forever.

To learn more about joining the community and starting your own personal travel blog, please visit .

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Leipzig: Where arts and music deals thrive

Over the last few years, Leipzig has developed into one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, with the fastest-growing population in Germany. The East-German city mixes 1,001 years of tradition with a young heart, and this is evident in its rich arts and music scene.

2017 got off to a spectacular start with some outstanding exhibitions.  The new TITANIC 360° Panorama by panoramic artist Yadegar Asisi at the Panometer Leipzig revisits the most famous shipwreck of all time and shows the ocean giant as it is today at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile Leipzig’s Museum of Fine Arts is experiencing a true whirlwind of color with its special exhibition “Nolde and ‘Die Brücke’” (until 18 June 2017). The collaboration between the ‘Brücke’ group of artists and Emil Nolde, who was almost a generation older, marked the beginning of modern art in Germany. 

Eleven leading galleries and over 100 studios are now housed within the walls of what was once the largest cotton mill in continental Europe: The ‘Spinnerei’ in Leipzig is a must-see for contemporary art enthusiasts.  For the Spinnerei Gallery Tour, all galleries and exhibition spaces open new exhibitions (29/30 April and 15/16 September 2017). It is also worthwhile to take a detour to the nearby ‘Tapetenwerk’ or the recently re-opened ‘Kunstkraftwerk’: For the German premiere of the “Hundertwasser Experience”, the former heating plant has been transformed into a colorful, lively, engaging and immersive Hundertwasser world by Gianfranco Iannuzzi (until 24 August 2017).

Wagner fans can look forward to the performance of the complete “Ring des Nibelungen” with the Gewandhaus Orchestra under the musical direction of Prof. Ulrich Schirmer at the Leipzig Opera House (from 28 June to 2 July 2017). After more than 40 years, the Ring has returned to the city of Wagner's birth. The recent appointment of Andris Nelsons, aged 38, as the youngest Gewandhauskapellmeister of the past 150 years underlines how Leipzig both treasures its tradition and embraces the future. The international music world is already excitedly awaiting the arrival of the celebrated conductor in Leipzig in February 2018. The Gewandhaus Orchestra will be holding four weeks of concerts to mark both Nelsons’ inauguration and its 275th anniversary, with a festival concert as the high point on 11 March 2018.

In summer, many of Leipzig's music festivals can be enjoyed in the open air – often for free. Check out BACHmosphere on Leipzig market square as part of the annual Bachfest Leipzig (9-18 June 2017), “Klassik airleben” with the Gewandhaus Orchestra in the popular Rosental park (23/24 June 2017) or the Monday Concerts at the Bach Monument in front of St. Thomas Church (every Monday at 7pm in July and August).  The city’s music scene covers everything, not just classical, choral and opera but also jazz, indie, house and techno.  During Whitsun every spring 20,000 Goths from all over the world come together in Leipzig to join the Wave Gotik Treffen (2-5 June 2017). The annual Highfield Festival (18-20 August 2017) at Lake Störmthal near Leipzig is the biggest independent rock festival of East Germany, attracting large numbers with its wonderful dreamscape, the beach, the lake and of course the spectacular line-up.

Find out more at

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Saturday, January 13, 2018 Fresh deals on New Caledonia Tourism web portal

New Caledonia Tourism is booming with its brand-new website: . Package suggestions, calendar of events, listing of suppliers... this website, available in English, French, and Japanese offers an engaging experience to consumers considering New Caledonia for the next holidays.

An international one stop shop

A unique and comprehensive web platform highlighting the rich and diverse tourism offering of New Caledonia: is designed to replace the many generic microsites (,, or niche and international microsites (,, currently live. The website offers personalized and geotargeted for all 4 key markets (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and France). Initially in French and English, it will then become available in Japanese (end of September) and Italian in 2017. The website also offers dedicated sections to the trade and media allowing access to press releases, online image library and training program for travel agents.

An inspiration engine

Exhaustive, contains a wealth of information on accommodation, activities and iconic places around New Caledonia and organized by themes or regions. Its rich supplier's database will jointly be fueled by the 3 provinces of New Caledonia (NCTPS, Northern Province Tourism and Destination Loyalty Islands) to reference the entire touristic offering in New Caledonia. Last but not least, to better inspire potential consumers based on key criteria such a demographic (couples, single, family...), holiday length or more specific ones such as experience or motivations (sports, relaxation, culture, seaside...), offers strong recommendations based on consumer needs.

A practical and interactive tool

The new website delivers a transformed web experience for users. Some of the key highlights include:

- A strong user experience for visitors to the site - with many stunning images, ease of navigation - prompting users to organically explore the site under different themes like location and interests.

- Social media connections and sharing tools are a key feature, embedded on every page, encouraging users to "like" and share with all of their friends.

- A huge volume of original and engaging content bringing "news" about New Caledonia, helping fuel that social sharing and ensuring more traffic to the site.

- Special offers and packages feature throughout the site, with the capacity to deliver more sales leads and referrals for tourism partners.

Fully responsive, the website is perfectly adaptable to smartphones and tablets.

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Customized travel deals in Chile

Have you ever wanted to explore another part of the world from the eyes of a native having the advantages of knowing all the great spots on and off the beaten path, but with special itineraries that meet your interests and timeline of travel?

For trips to Chile, is the answer for customized travels and experiences with emphasis on personalized, guided tours to Patagonia. Chile Nativo Travel is an expedition/excursion operator with an intimate family of staff that is both native and expert in the Patagonian region of Chile. The team deeply enjoys sharing the Chilean culture and traditions with its travelers, as well as educating all about the overwhelming array of nature provided by the region.

The key to this difference is the guide. With Chile Nativo Travel, each guide is a respectful teacher of the surroundings with special focus on the community, preservation of natural resources, and paying attention to every detail to make the journey truly an experience, not just a trip.

Founded in 2000, Chile Nativo Travel has relied almost exclusively on the Internet for the majority of its sales. Chile Nativo Travel launched its new website and decided to move its domain to .travel.
“We adopted our .travel address to reach travelers from outside of South America. .Travel gives security to overseas clients that we are an authenticated travel provider in Chile,” stated one of the original co-founders of Chile Nativo, “Also, we believe that the future trend of the Internet and search will be moving to domain names like .travel."

On the website you can find all the information you need to organize your trip along with testimonies from all corners of the globe. Included on are rave reviews that speak of amazing experiences, both educational and social, where various travelers comment on the additional attention to detail provided by the guides from the first leg of the trip to the very finale.

In addition to organizing trips to Patagonia, Chile Nativo Travel can arrange excursions to other extraordinary locations: Northern Chile and the lunar-like landscapes of the driest desert in the world, San Pedro de Atacama, rich with archeology and an active travelers dream, world-class wine tastings in the fertile central valley of Chile, and coastal tours visiting beautiful Viña del Mar and the historic port of Valparaiso.

If you would like to customize a trip to Chile, let design your best routes, lodging, highlights, and cultural insights. For more information, visit .

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tralliance lays out the deals at .travel

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - Tralliance Registry Management Company, LLC (Tralliance), the Registry Operator of the .travel top level domain, signed on recently for a second ten-year Registry Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Launched in October, 2005 by Tralliance, the .travel top level domain has for ten years served as the first top level domain devoted exclusively to the travel industry. Long the primary tourism domain name for national governments, such as and, the .travel top level domain provides a clear travel industry identity that doesn't leave smaller travel businesses in a confusing mix with thousands of unrelated industries. Ten years of history and success now provide .travel registrants an important level of confidence as many hundreds of new top level domains enter the market.

On its ten-year anniversary, TRMC would like to thank its many accredited registrars and many thousands of long-term registrants for their years of support.

Under its 2015 Registry Agreement Tralliance will continue to focus exclusively on the travel industry working with its industry partners to develop domain name services that will support new and existing registrants over the coming decade.

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Leipzig: Great deals in a city of culture and arts set in beautiful surroundings

A 70-minute train ride from Berlin, Leipzig is a buzzing city in the east of Germany. The cultural and architectural beauty of Leipzig has always been a source of inspiration for creative minds such as the composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Robert Schumann, and Richard Wagner. Hardly any other city can claim as rich a musical heritage as Leipzig. The Gewandhaus Orchestra has cultivated classical music in Leipzig for over 250 years. St. Thomas' Boys Choir was founded over 800 years ago by the Augustinian Canons, and the Opera House is the third oldest civilian music theatre stage in Europe. The majority of the composers’ homes and workplaces are still standing today. This is unrivaled in Germany and, in international terms, is second only to Vienna.

Unique in Leipzig, however, is the proximity of these sites: You will experience 300 years of musical history in one afternoon! Opened in 2012, the so-called Leipzig Music Trail (“Leipziger Notenspur”) connects 23 authentic sites of Leipzig’s music history on a 5.3 km walking trail.

The world’s oldest trade fair city, Leipzig is also home to Germany’s second-oldest university. It was in Leipzig that, in 1989, the first Peaceful Revolution in history was started: On October 9, 1989, more than 70,000 people congregated in the streets of Leipzig to protest against the GDR regime. The demonstrators called out “We are the People” and “No violence.” The Monday demonstrations remained peaceful and set the course for fundamental change in Europe: The Berlin wall fell only one month later. Today, Leipzig is livelier than ever. The city's vibrant contemporary arts scene centers around the Spinnerei and the New Leipzig School of painting with key figure Neo Rauch.

Leipzig Region offers a host of possibilities: An amazing diversity of nature, culture, history, and architecture are right on Leipzig's doorstep. Three areas of countryside around Leipzig, which couldn't be more different from each other, epitomize diversity: With its 22 lakes, the Leipzig New Lakeland area is the ideal place for recreation, swimming and all kinds of outdoor activities and trend sports. The Saxon Heathland area, which includes the beautiful Düben Heath and Dahlen Heath, is just perfect for walking, cycling, and riding. And in Saxony's Castle Country, there are countless romantic towns and historic castles, monasteries, and manor houses waiting to be discovered – 20 to 90 minutes away from the city at the most.

As the official tourist board, Leipzig Tourism and Marketing promotes the Leipzig region worldwide as a travel destination. It provides information, accommodation, guided tours, day trips for individuals and groups, incentives, as well as conference and event locations.

Leipzig Tourism and Marketing is proud to use .travel to promote its beautiful city. Visit the website to plan a trip to the Leipzig region.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Alabama sweet on .travel domain deal

One of the many faces in .travel is . Alabama, known as “Sweet Home Alabama,” is one of the most beautiful areas in the Southern United States. With over 4.6 million people calling it home, Alabama is among the nation’s leaders in aerospace, education, and healthcare.

The Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel decided in 2007 to begin the process of switching from other top level domains to .travel, because the chance to get in early with a more respected top level domain was too good to pass up. According to Luckie & Company, “We honestly had some reservations at first about how consumers might react to a new domain. But early testing on keyword ads and other studies showed that people seemed to respond extremely well to a .travel address.”

Alabama reiterates their dedication to .travel by using .travel on all of their marketing and promotion materials, including, email, TV commercials, web banners, trade shows, and brochures. When asked about .travel’s credibility, Luckie & Company stated, “With the .travel registrars continuing to manage the assignment of names responsibly, it pays off in the long-term by adding an extra level of credibility to .travel sites.”

There is no doubt that will continue their growth and expansion of tourism through .travel. If you are interested in learning more about this great state, please visit,

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Hi Bolivia! Unique tourist deals and attractions

Bolivia is synonymous with diversity: diverse geographic land, mixed cultures, varied climate, sunshine every day in the winter time and many beautiful attractions.  All those facts make Bolivia a hard-to-match destination.  Let’s mention two wonderful attractions:


Unmistakably one of the most surreal landscapes, the largest salt flat in the world that can even be seen from space. Exploring the amazing empty white landscape is an incredible experience and a must-do while in Bolivia. During seasonal floods, you can witness the splendor and beauty of Salar de Uyuni as the water on the salt looks like the largest mirror you will ever see, reflecting the sky above.


This folkloric event takes place once a year between February and March and was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Featuring music, dance, colors, and crafts, it is highlighted by a ceremonial parade lasting 20 hours, covering 4 kilometers and involving around 20,000 dancers and 10,000 musicians. The carnival reinforces the cultural identity of the community and attracts more than 100,000 visitors. It is one of the most interesting carnivals in South America, displaying spectacular folk dances, extravagant costumes, and lively music. Something not to be missed!

Hi Bolivia! Travel & Tours can take you to these unique attractions and much more. With decades in the field of tourism, Hi Bolivia! has earned a well-deserved reputation of having satisfied clients and committing to a responsible sustainable tourism. You are invited to come to Bolivia!

You can also visit the website here:

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sri Lanka issuing deals from .travel website

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau is witnessing the benefits of using the .travel domain name with . Since its launch seven years ago, the site has received over millions of page views, with many unique, first-time visitors.

Kicking its promotional efforts into full gear with , the country joined many other popular tourist destinations and organizations in using .travel for its website and emails.

“When we were developing our website initially, we decided to use the .travel domain because it was globally accepted,” said the then Managing Director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.
In fact, the Sri Lanka Tourism website was revamped with a new look and feel in line with a new brand strategy launching that same year.

To plan your dream holiday in Sri Lanka, explore wildlife, and experience an island of small miracles, visit .

For more information on .travel, The Source for All Things Travel, visit

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Tour company in The Netherlands opts for .travel to showcase deals

When Elisabeth, of Elisabeth's Tailor Made Tours & Promotions in The Netherlands, was to set up her website, she didn't have to think too long to decide that a domain with a .travel extension was the way to go. Having a website with “.travel” in its name would provide her with instant brand recognition.

Said owner, Elisabeth, about why she chose the .travel domain for her website, “I was advised to do so, and I did not have to think about it twice because my business is all about TRAVEL.”

Elisabeth’s Tailor Made Tours offers personalized, guided tours and events relating to culture, art, history, architecture, (vintage) design & fashion, nature & gardens, science, and interesting sights in combination with sporting activities like for instance guided walks and bike tours in Amsterdam and The Netherlands in all their beauty across the shifting seasons in one or more days.

Apart from cultural and educational customized guided tours, Elisabeth’s tour company also offers art workshops in which active participation is an important aspect. Some tours even include visits of ateliers of well-known artists.

Tours are carefully planned, customized and personalized and are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch. Elisabeth’s Tailor Made Tours also does reservations of selected unique hotels and B&B locations. Tour experiences include transportation via boat, bike taxi, coach, Vintage old timer or bus, limousine, by bike or on foot and may be designed for companies, schools, and international and private groups.

For more information about Elisabeth's Tailor Made Tours & Promotions, visit .

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Celebrate Valentine's Day with romantic stays at five-star Corinthia Hotels around the world

The collection of luxurious, five-star Corinthia Hotels around the world have all the ingredients needed for a romantic getaway this February, with special St. Valentine’s Day packages and added-value deals at six of its European locations in Budapest, Lisbon, London, Malta, Prague, and St. Petersburg.

Corinthia Budapest Hotel’s Royal Spa

Corinthia Hotel Budapest

The hotel’s Be My Valentine package runs throughout February and sets out to spoil each couple staying at this impressive city landmark. The package includes:

•           Champagne and chocolates in-room upon arrival
•           Sumptuous accommodation
•           Dinner for two at the fine dining Brasserie & Atrium restaurant
•           A signature 50-minute ESPA full body massage for two in the Royal Spa (pictured above)
•           Lavish buffet breakfast

Priced from €155 (approx. $183.00 USD), the package is available for stays between February 1 to 28, 2018 and is bookable from December 20, 2017 to February 25, 2018. Reservations must be guaranteed to credit card at time of booking and rates are exclusive of VAT and City Tax.

The bar inside the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

One of the new Deluxe Junior Suites inside the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

Our hotel in the Portuguese capital has created a Suite Love package around the debut of the hotel’s brand new Deluxe Junior Suites, which offer the ultimate romantic backdrop for St. Valentine’s Day.

Priced from €250 (approx. $296.00 USD) per room per night, the Suite Love package is available for stays between February 1-28, 2018, is bookable from December 20, 2017 to February 25, 2018 and includes:

•           Accommodation in a one-of-a-kind Deluxe Junior Suite
•           Buffet breakfast
•           In-room romantic decorations including rose petals and tea lights
•           Extravagant dinner served in the suite, including Champagne, fresh oysters, dry-aged beef, white chocolate dessert and half a bottle of red wine
•           Early check-in and late check-out, subject to availability
•           Rates include VAT but exclude City Tax of €1 (approx. $1.18 USD) per person per night

Penthouse terrace at Corinthia Hotel London

Corinthia Hotel London

Corinthia’s flagship hotel has created a Love in Luxury package for February 14 which sets out to spoil the romantic couple, kicking off with a bottle of chilled Champagne and an edible gift from the hotel’s pastry chef on arrival. The relaxing mood continues into the evening with time spent languishing on the Thermal Floor of the hotel’s award-winning ESPA Life at Corinthia spa. A return to the guest bedroom will reveal another surprise – a bed strewn with roses petals.

Priced from £534 (approx. $716.17 USD), the Love in Luxury package is available for stays during February 2018, is bookable until February 25, and includes:

•           One night’s accommodation in a bedroom or suite
•           Bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne on arrival
•           Rose petals on bed during turndown service
•           In-room edible gift from the hotel’s pastry chef
•           Daily English breakfast in-room or in The Northall
•           Access to the Thermal Floor facilities at ESPA Life at Corinthia
•           Hi-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
•           Rate includes VAT

Corinthia Hotel Prague

The hotel’s location in one of Europe’s favorite city break destination cities, plus five-star service and amenities and special romantic treats, makes for a perfect St. Valentine’s Day break.

Priced from €192 (approx. $227.49 USD), the hotel’s Celebrate Your Love package includes:

•           Accommodation in any chosen room category
•           Delicious buffet breakfast
•           Bottle of sparkling wine and romantic treats in-room
•           Three-course dinner for two including sparkling wine
•           Free use of the luxurious haven that is the Apollo Day Spa, with pool, sauna, fitness center etc. located at the top of the hotel
•           Free Wi-Fi
•           VAT and City Taxes
The package is available for stays from February 14-18, 2018. Bookings must be made at least three days prior to arrival and reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to two days prior to arrival.

Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay, Malta

Corinthia’s only resort hotel, with multi-pool complex and extensive spa, is offering an indulgent package for romantic couples.

Special treats include a bed of roses and a late check-out until 3 pm.

The package, priced from €176 (approx. $208.53 USD) per person per room, includes:

•           Buffet dinner for two at Fra Martino
•           Luxurious accommodation in a deluxe sea view room
•           Romantic room setup, including a bed of roses
•           Buffet breakfast
•           Full use of spa facilities including indoor pool, fitness center and sauna at the Apollo Spa
•           Wi-Fi
•           Luxuriously late check-out until 3 pm

Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg

Chocolate and Champagne will greet celebratory couples staying at the opulent Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg, located in the city’s main thoroughfare of Nevsky Prospect. The 19th century building is the perfect backdrop for a romantic break and the welcoming treats are part of the added-value on all stays at the hotel between February 12 and 18, 2018, as long as the booking is made on the hotel’s website between December 18, 2017 and February 12, 2018. Room rates for the period start from €100 (approx. $118.48 USD).

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top Articles eTurboNews Publication in 2017: See what eTN Readers loved to read

List of the most opened and clicked articles by eTN Subscribers around the world.

  1. United Airlines CEO: We are sorry but we stand by staff when doctor was dragged off overbooked flight
  2. Lufthansa Business Class: A big customer service secret and a bigger fraud?
  3. The sky is falling down: ‘Storm of the century’ hits Russia’s capital
  4. A naked tourist’s dream: The Dominican Republic Big Nude Boat
  5. Trump’s order goes into effect: Visa, green card holders barred from entering US, detained at airports
  6. Trump Hotel Waikiki together with US Customs part of a Human Trafficking conspiracy?
  7.  ITB Berlin 2017: Disappointment among many exhibitors
  8. Air France – Egypt Air near midair collision over Belgium
  9. FAA offers dream job opportunity
  10.  Diplomacy works! A message to Donald Trump by Walter Mzembi, African Union candidate for UNWTO Secretary General

  1. Delta Airlines Nightmare: Evacuation slides the only option to deplane at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airpor
  2. 11 Saudi princes, 4 ministers arrested as crown prince unleashes crackdown on corruption – report
  3. Antigua Tourism Minister arrested in London; appointment revoked
  4. World’s oldest person dies at age 117
  5. Christmas cancelled for dying, disabled children after Britain’s Santa flight shutdown
  6. Game on: Generous donation helps Kauai athletes travel after Island Air shutdown
  7. Former deputy FM becomes Russia’s ambassador to France & Monaco
  8. Back to sick bay: Nautical Norovirus hits Royal Caribbean – again
  9. CIA murdered Bob Marley? News spreading fast in Montego Bay
  10. This is the world’s most powerful passport

  1. I am a fugitive, but I’m touched: Zimbabwe Foreign Minister Walter Mzembi speaks to eTN
  2. Is The UNWTO Secretary General Election For Sale?
  3. The gloves are off! The Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi takes on UNWTO Election
  4. Survey result: UNWTO Secretary General Election should have been stopped
  5. Will Zurab Pololikasvil from Georgia lead UNWTO? May be not…
  6. UNWTO: “Unlikely situation” according to Taleb Rifai on Georgia’s nominee Zurab Pololikashvili for Secretary General?
  7. UNWTO Revenge? Zurab Pololikashvil will not keep Executive Director Carlos Vogeler
  8. UNWTO members: Georgia nominee unqualified to honorably lead UNWTO?
  9. UNWTO Secretary General critizied WorldTourismWire at packed Madrid Ambassador meeting
  10. Question to you? UNWTO Election - is there a problem?

  1. Azerbaijan as a tourism destination has it all
  2. .travel Registry pleased with website
  3. Secret travel escapes in Germany revealed
  4. Say Hi! to Bolivia, a truly authentic country
  5. The Netherlands tour company runs with .travel domain
  6. Space still available! Special tour through Central Asia

  1. SunTrust to Present at the Goldman Sachs US Financial Services Conference
  2. Bechtel Wins Award for Digital Innovation
  3. Glassdoor Announces Winners Of Its Employees’ Choice Awards Recognizing The Best Places To Work In 2018
  4. At Trial Starting Tuesday, Atlas Air Pilots To Sound Alarm On Management Failures That Strain Operation, Reports Teamsters Local 1224
  5. New fungicide provides unmatched broad-spectrum disease control

  1. Lesbian rapper shot and killed in New Orleans
  2. Thai Puan – Gay Magazine
  3. The urban art in the gay-friendly city of St Pete will take your breath away
  4. A picture of this gay couple at a wedding went hilariously wrong
  5. This person is seeking ‘gender unassignment’ surgery

Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau has the deals with online reach via .travel

Cancun is a place like no other: white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, expansive resorts, boutique hotels, fine dining, and festive entertainment. With such a great destination, the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau was in need of a great marketing tool to pair with such a mecca of travel and tourism. Cancun found this tool in .travel.

The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau is the official entity that interacts with different markets around the world highlighting the many added values Cancun offers. With numerous other .com sites related to their popular destination, Cancun decided to make a statement: the official travel information source for Cancun is .

The Cancun CVB is pleased that people visiting know that the site is authenticated and offers the best Cancun information.

“Cancun recognizes the importance of the Internet for the tourism industry, that’s why our efforts are directed to promote our web page in all of our marketing campaigns,” said a Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau representative.

Now .travel is open to everyone. Haven’t got your Member Number (UIN) yet? Obtain it here:

Considering traveling to Costa Rica? Costa Rica Nature Escape has the deals!

Costa Rica Nature Escape has been a tour operator and travel agency since 1994. Its governmental license is OT-340, and it has earned level 3 CST for its sustainability efforts. Visit the wonders of Costa Rica, the country that encompasses 6% of the world's biodiversity. It is an ideal vacation spot for groups, families, couples, and individual travelers who are seeking close-to-nature experiences. Costa Rica offers a great variety of natural venues, more than 25% of its land and the majority of its waters are protected. Encounter a wide variety of forests, breathtaking flora and fauna, active volcanoes, and tropical beaches with warm sea water, always enhanced by the friendliness of the "ticos" (native Costa Ricans).

If you enjoy a little adventure, Costa Rica Nature Escape can arrange for adrenaline-filled tours on various levels and for all ages, like white water rafting, zip-lining, and more! As if starting up a business and marketing a new brand is not challenging enough on its own merits, doing it in a new top level domain name space adds its own share of trepidation along the way. When AURA Travel was an online start-up, it was set to revolutionize, commoditize, and standardize the holiday rentals by owner niche of the accommodation market, while providing an online platform that easily facilitates listing, search, and booking of holiday rental properties. The business name the company chose – AURA - has its own historical reasons and drives. This was only half of the challenge. Choosing an online domain name extension was the other half.

Because AURA was effectively launching a new online, unknown brand, the domain name extension in itself was considered a quintessential component of the brand. The popular TLDs (i.e., .com domain space) was not only saturated, but also somehow monotonously insignificant due its popularity.

Scouting the web for alternatives, AURA arrived at the .travel extension as a part of a number of domain name spaces offering specialization for different industry verticals. The .travel domain made sense instantly. This is what AURA’s new business was offering - accommodation for people who travel - for business, for pleasure, or for no reason at all. What it did, is what travelers needed, whether looking for a place to stay while in vacation around the globe, or booking a weekend escape a couple of hours’ drive away. As much as the domain name made sense, it was initially dismissed, because at the time it was too new and unknown. Let's face it, who is not scared of the unknown? Eventually, however, AURA came back to it and decided to launch its brand new business on a brand new domain name space that made sense to what it did.

The company was excited and full of start-up spirit. It was all new and starting from scratch, so why not give it a go? The company was no longer just AURA - it became Now the results speak for themselves. AURA considers its journey so far a great success and is looking forward to further expanding globally. The company will never give up its identity for the world. AURA welcomes anyone who wishes to join them - property owners, travelers looking for accommodation, or industry peers wanting to improve the status quo.

You can read more about at: Details of the .travel domain program may be found at and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at Please address any inquiries to . Costa Rica Nature Escape offers all vacation needs in Costa Rica, from a single tour to a full all-inclusive package. Its prices are below the published prices of its providers, and Costa Rica Nature Escape will design the best itinerary for the visitor, without any additional cost. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the company’s staff, and read the feedback from its customers. Costa Rica Nature Escape is willing to work with travelers on an itinerary based on their expectations, budget, and preferences until they are satisfied. Outstanding customer satisfaction is #1 to Costa Rica Nature Escape, and this has been proven again and again. Costa Rica Nature Escape is located in downtown San Jose, just a half block from the National Theater and Plaza de la Cultura.

Feel free to send an email, visit the website, or call to reach us for any question or arrangement: Toll free number in the USA (888) 491-2996, 24-hour phone number +506 8381-7178. For more information, visit:

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