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Monday, March 19, 2018

Corinthia Hotel Prague offers special package for city’s 2018 Centennial Celebrations

2018 is a pivotal year to visit Prague as it celebrates the 100th birthday of the founding of the Czech Republic and 50 years since the Prague Spring. The Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague is at the heart of all the major celebratory events to mark the two anniversaries.

Special exhibitions, concerts, shows and parades take place during a full year of events, culminating on October 28 with a grand military parade and the re-opening of the National Museum.

Also celebrating in 2018 is Corinthia Hotel Prague, which is 20 years old as a Corinthia-branded hotel. Perched atop one of Prague’s several hills, the five-star hotel boasts panoramic views of Prague, known as a City of a Hundred Spires.

To tie in with the double birthdays, Corinthia Hotel Prague will present a bottle of local wine to each guest staying between June 11-17, 2018. It has also extended its Best of Prague package to include tickets for the major exhibition of the work of world-acclaimed Czech Art Nouveau artist, Alfons Mucha. As part of the centenary celebrations, the exhibition runs from June until the end of October at the Municipal House in Old Town.

Guests booking the Best of Prague package can choose a complimentary ticket to a must-see attraction in the city for each day of their stay. In a city heavily laden with sightseeing opportunities, it is a difficult choice. The Best of Prague package includes tickets to the following major sights:

           Old Town Hall Tower: Affords some of the best city views from the top of this 14th Century tower. Its astronomical clock is worth watching on the hour, every hour, for the procession of the 12 apostles.

•           Alfons Mucha; The Slav Epic:  One of Art Nouveau’s most celebrated artists, this special exhibition at the Municipal House in Old Town showcases a series of paintings by the artist summarizing the history of the Czechs and the other Slavic nations.

•           Žižkov Tower: The jury’s out whether this TV tower is a monument to Prague’s communist architecture or a funky place from which to look out over the city. It’s the tallest tower in Prague at 216m (708 feet) high.

•           Franz Kafka Museum: The museum tracks the life of Prague’s most celebrated literary son through an exhibition of his letters, diaries, photographs as well as period newspapers and videos.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Russia Expo Days 2018: Be an expert on Russia! Get a certificate of a travel specialist

LIFESTREAM in English to be an expert on Russia!
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Online course for travel professionals Russia Expo Days starts on 21 March. It is the most detailed online course on the tourist product of Russia for travel professionals from over the world. All attendees will receive a certificate.

Speakers from Russia will tell:

— How is the tourism market in Russia organized: DMCs, visitors’ centers, etc. – how to work with them?

— Transport in Russia: air flights, trains, bus tours, river cruises. How to select an optimal means of transport?

— How to organize a tour to Russia for the FIFA 2018 Championship?

— Tour packages by Russian DMCs, from traditional popular excursions and city breaks to tailored tours.

The best destination of Russia from Moscow to Siberia:

• Comprehensive presentation of Moscow including all facets of the Russian capital: museums, fascinating events, traditional and tailored excursion programs and much more.

• The Kaliningrad Region: the westernmost region of Russia, former Königsberg and the birthplace of Immanuel Kant, sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Spit unique nature reserve.

• The Sverdlovsk Region: the Russian region rich in minerals, the border of Europe and Asia; the capital of the region – Ekaterinburg – is a unique conservancy area of constructivist architecture, and the city of Nizhny Tagil is one of the most interesting industrial centers of Russia.

• The Republic of Tatarstan: an unmatched mix of European and Asian cultures in the very heart of Russia, on the banks of the Volga River. Delicious ethnic cuisine, three UNESCO monuments and millennial history.

• Rosa Khutor: a ski resort of the world class; in 2014, a place of Winter Olympic Games is now one of the most popular leisure areas among Russian people. It is also a summer holiday resort as it takes only half an hour to Sochi, the main sea resort of Russia.

These and many other things will be presented by the representatives of various regional travel offices, tour operators, hoteliers and other market participants.

21 March
Live stream in Russian, English and Chinese

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot Air Ballooning Deals in Sri Lanka’s stunning Landscape!!

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Sri Lanka - a great way to experience the exhilaration of flight with a bird's eye view of the area below. It is a silent ride through the sky, an excursion that has caught on fast with locals and tourists alike.

Hot air ballooning is drifting gently over the cultural triangle, or a wildlife park making unforgettable memories. Nothing beats a hot air balloon excursion across the central plains in our opinion. 

Hot air ballooning tours are available from the north central plains of the island where one can be carried away under blue skies and over the landscape dotted with many little man-made lakes where one might even spot an elephant near these tanks, ancient monuments, propose to your fiancée in a hot air balloon, celebrate your birthday in a hot air balloon, exchange vows and get married in the air in a hot air balloon!

Functioning from Dambulla, the service is available From December to March.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Discover Sri Lanka’s Amazing Beach Destinations at Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya located 130 km north of Colombo Bandaranayke Airport, is an exquisite coastal region located in the Western coastal belt north of Colombo. Kalpitiya is a peninsula set in between the deep lagoon of Puttalam to the east and Indian Ocean to the west. It’s a marine sanctuary with a diversity of habitats ranging from bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangroves swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches.

Best time for dolphin watching in Kalpitiya

The best time for dolphin watching in Kalpitiya is from November to March/April. During this time, conditions are perfect to view a variety of sea mammals: the monsoon season is over and the seas are relatively calm making it easier to spot dolphins.

Other Activities

Kalpitiya is an amazing place for watersports.
For birding the beaches and lagoons of Kalpitiya are ideal. The Wilpathu National Park is a 3 hour drive away.
Kayaking Expeditions
Kite surfing
Cycling Tours
Dolphin/Whale Watching Excursion
Diving Snorkeling
Horse Riding
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Air taxi service deals: A bird’s eye view of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become one of the world's preferred tourist destinations for those desiring a breathtaking holiday experience. From endless beaches, ancient ruins, great surfing and lush green mountains to famous tea and food, Sri Lanka allows you to combine an array of unique holiday activities within hours from each other. If you’re looking for unlimited adventure in limited time, what better way to tie it all together than quick and comfortable air travels?
Cinnamon Air

Cinnamon Air is a Sri Lankan domestic airline, operating from a dedicated terminal at the Bandaranayke International Airport to destinations around Sri Lanka. Cinnamon Air’s fleet consists of two Cessna 208 Amphibian aircraft (seating eight passengers each) and one wheeled Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (seating 8 passengers in an executive configuration) that gives Cinnamon Air the flexibility to operate from any of the Domestic and International airports in Sri Lanka.
Cinnamon Air currently operates daily scheduled flights to Colombo (Waters Edge and the Bandaranaike International Airport), Kandy, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Dickwella, Koggala, and Sigiriya. Cinnamon Air also operates private charters and scenic flights upon request.

Heli tours

Helitours is a domestic airline in Sri Lanka operated by the Sri Lankan Air force. It is currently the second largest airline in Sri Lanka with a fleet of 16 aircraft behind Sri Lankan Airline's 23. The airline will resume its international flight from Colombo-Ratmalana to Male by the first quarter of 2013.
Cosmos Aviation

Cosmos Aviation has developed unique tour packages for those with a yearning for a personalized aviation adventure. Their fleet comprises of all new aircrafts and is flown and maintained by the best Pilots and Engineers in Sri Lanka. 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Kandy Esala Perahera: Great deal on one of Sri Lanka’s grandest events

The glittering Esala Perahera, which is 235 years old, is one of the grandest events in Sri Lanka. Many locals and tourists look forward to witnessing this wonderful festival every year. This is held during the Esala month, in August, honoring the sacred tooth relic. Many travelers who have been fascinated by the Perahera have written notes about it; among them is the famous British poet and novelist, D. H. Lawrence, who describes the Perahera as a "perpetual fire-laughing motion among the slow shuffle of elephants." The Sacred Tooth Relic (Dālada) of the Buddha is the most venerated object of worship for Buddhists. Its present house, the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Dālada Māligāwa) in Kandy, Sri Lanka is considered the foremost sacred place of worship in the Buddhist world.

Legend has it that 1,700 years ago one of the Buddha’s teeth was stolen from his funeral pyre and smuggled into Sri Lanka. Today, the relic is a sacred symbol for Sri Lankans and housed in the country’s most sacred temple, Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth).

In its current form, Esala Perahera incorporates Hindu deities into its festivities, as four of the parades now start at Hindu temples. There’s a parade for every night of the festival (10 in all), with the processions getting longer, more intense and increasingly colorful as the festival gets underway. The parades are a sensual spectacle: you’ll inhale wafting incense, jasmine and frangipani bouquets; sway along to the incessant drum beats; stare in delight at the elephants and dancers adorned in exotic costumes; and gasp in awe as fire eaters swing burning coconut husks from chains and men crack whips to scare away demons only inches from people’s faces.

Decadently dressed dancers, incessant drumming, the intoxicating scent of incense—it’s no wonder the famous British poet and novelist D.H. Lawrence once described Esala Perahera as a “perpetual fire-laughing motion among the slow shuffle of elephants.” Honoring the tooth relic of the Buddha, this festival makes you feel you’ve been transported to a tribal gathering hundreds of years ago, only now there are cameras, and you’ll want to take plenty of photos.

The ceremonial cutting down of a jack tree blesses the beginning of the festival, and the first five nights, known as Kumbal Perahera, host intimate gatherings at shrines and small processions just off Kandy Lake. The last 5 nights, known as Randoli Perahera, get progressively larger and more intense until the last night, on the full moon, when you’ll witness one of the most feverishly energetic parades ever. While the procession has a reputation for running long, you know the climax is coming when the Maligawa Tusker, a carriage with a replica of the Buddha’s tooth, arrives. Before you know it, there’s a parade of enormous elephants decked out in their finest silk costumes swaying to the drumbeat. The next morning a “water cutting” ceremony through the Mahaweli Ganga River ritualizes the divide between pure and impure and honors the water gods for a good year ahead. A goblet of water from the ceremony is stored and used in the tree-planting ritual that signals the beginning of the next year’s festival. Esala Perahera is one of the world’s best examples of how collective effervescence can encompass not only locals and devotees, but anyone who’s lucky enough to take part in this ancient, alluring festival.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Hill country deals in Sri Lanka

The hill country is a world away from the rest of Sri Lanka, with tangled green mountains rise from every quarter, their lower slopes swathed in verdant tea bushes.

While the parched lowlands sweat beneath an eternal tropical summer, the uplands bask in a perpetual European spring, turning to a crisp autumnal chill at higher elevations. Spectacular waterfalls plunge over cliffs into valleys hemmed in between high mountainsides. The cloud forest above is alive with the secretive chirruping’s of elusive mountain birds.

Places to explore in the hill country:

Nuwara Eliya (from Colombo 4.5 hours | 180 km)

Nuwara Eliya the hackneyed reference “Little England” is the island coolest region at altitudes of over 6,000 feet. Its landscape bears the highest mountain in Sri Lanka known as Piduruthalagala.  In April it’s the peak season where the climate is pleasantly chilly, and gardens are full of blooms. Also, the main event of the season is Horse Racing Tournaments.

Attractions in Nuwara Eliya:

- Victoria & Hakgala Park           
- Galway Sanctuary for migrant & Endemic Birds
- St. Clair & Devon Falls 
- Ambewela farm
- Lake Gregory for boat rides to explore scenery
- Go trekking in Horton Plains
- The Pattipola Railway station the highest summit in the country

Hatton (From Colombo: 3 Hours & 40 Mins, 130 km)

Hatton is a simple town within Nuwara Eliya with landscapes dominated by the hilly Tea plantations and Reservoirs.

Attractions in Hatton:

- Pilgrimage site Adam’s peak    
- Castlereagh Reservoir

Ella (From Colombo: 5.5 Hours, 205 km)

Ella is the picturesque hamlet in the Badulla district in all its hill country charm. Its draws attention for sites associated with the legendary tale of Ramayana. You also can plan hiking through breathtaking views, tea plantations and encounter waterfalls along the way.

Attractions in Ella:

- Ella Rock
- Ella Gap                                                               
- Ravana Cave
- Ravana Ella                  

Bandarawela (From Colombo: 5 Hours, 197 km)

Bandarawela is large town in Badulla district. There are many quaint little bungalows and rest houses to stop over for a meal while enjoying the unusually established gardens. Also, you can explore many ancient temples and churches in and round the region.
Attractions in Bandarawela:

- Dhowa Buddhist Rock Temple
- St. Anthony’s Church
- Adisham Bungalow

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