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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Brunei marketing its tourism deals to the global market

Brunei Tourism is working to market its tourism potential in the extremely competitive global tourism market. It is with a clear strategy of increased expert staff in conjunction with implementation of that Brunei Tourism is has created its identity as a chosen destination.

Offering a unique blend of modern refinement, scenic allure, culture, and heritage, Brunei is a majestic kingdom of unexpected treasures. With such richness, it is no doubt that Brunei is a distinctive and exciting travel destination in Southeast Asia.

Having adopted .travel in all of its promotional materials, advertisements, trade fair booths, and means of communication, such as email and business cards, Brunei Tourism is 100% branded with .travel. It is with this web presence that Brunei Tourism witnessed significant results in search engines and with increased numbers of visitors to its website upon launching several years ago.

When asked about the benefits of marketing with .travel, a Brunei Tourism representative stated, “Having a .travel domain represents a convenient and easy way to identify genuine travel entities. It should be a must for those in the industry to adopt the .travel domain name.”

With the Internet growing by the minute, .travel gives Brunei Tourism a certain recognition; it makes it easier to be found among the millions of sites on the Internet.

To learn more about the Green Heart of Borneo and see for yourself the "Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures," visit, .

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BOLIVIA: A truly authentic country with extraordinary deals

Bolivia, declared by National Geographic as one of the 20 best places to visit in the world, is an unspoiled country with extraordinary places to visit, such as the impressive Titikaka Lake, the spectacular and worldwide known Salar de Uyuni, colonial cities like Sucre and PotosĂ­, the Jesuit Missions, the amazing Madidi National Park, and the Carnival of Oruro - a great folklore festival where religion is mixed with the pagan.

It possesses one of the largest biological diversities in the world, 29 protected areas, and 6 World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO.  While the Andean area occupies one third of its territory, the rest is the Amazon area, the great lung of the planet, a sanctuary for wildlife. Here, traveling from the snow-covered mountains to the tropical valleys only takes a few hours.

Bolivia is a country that needs to become visible to the world, and the company, Hi Bolivia!, is the key for people who want to explore and visit Bolivia. When choosing a domain, the company didn’t hesitate to pick a .travel domain ( ). This extension lets them accomplish their goals because it fits their business activity, and it will improve the company’s SEO score for travel-related keywords. 

Hi Bolivia!, an experienced tour operator, offers customized  tours and programs according the passenger´s needs with emphasis on personalized services.

Visit their website here: and plan with a trip to beautiful Bolivia!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dealing up benefits of a .travel domain

The .travel top-level domain registry announced last year that Tourism Fiji, the official travel and tourism agency of the government of Fiji, had registered the name FIJI.TRAVEL and launched as its official tourism website.

Joining many other countries in the use of their .travel name, Fiji is taking advantage of the fact that the .travel domain name provides travelers with instant online identification of their country and their tourism portal.

With hundreds of millions of domain names now registered, clear identity is a crucial component in building an Internet presence. In the near future, many hundreds of new top-level domains will enter the market, and will continue to stand out. Other country governments have made the same move to .travel.

Take a look at to see how countries are taking advantage of .travel to define their tourism identity on the Internet.

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The City of Brotherly Love is having its own love affair with travel deals

The Philadelphia Visitors and Convention Center established their website by using a .travel domain. “We wanted a web site domain name that would set us apart as a great resource for conventions and visitors. We thought using .travel would have an ‘official travel organization’ feel to it that you don’t get from a .com or .org,” said Danielle Cohn, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for on why they decided go with a .travel domain.

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, known on the web as, is a private, nonprofit membership corporation and is the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia globally and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Cohn explained that the mission of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) is to generate economic impact and job growth by increasing the region’s hotel occupancy and revenues, while concurrently affecting other diverse segments of the hospitality industry. The bureau will do whatever it takes to attract ethnically diverse regional, national, and international convention and tourism customers through creative sales, marketing, and communications efforts.

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official tourism promotion agency for the city of Philadelphia globally and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It is an economic engine for the city, creating jobs and fueling the economy by bringing meetings, conventions, and travelers to Philadelphia. The PHLCVB advocates for Philadelphia and the region’s continuous transformation of infrastructure, growth of human capital, and brand asset management. It serves as a connector for meeting planners, conference attendees, tour operators, travelers, and its members by orchestrating a symphony of resources to create great expectations.

The PHLCVB offers services in the areas of convention sales and services; marketing and communications; membership; tourism; finance and administration; multicultural affairs; sports events; and the raising the visibility of the tri-state region (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) as a world-class destination for life-sciences meetings, conventions, and business. The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau loves its city and is passionate about its clients and visitors, seeing itself as an ambassador for the city.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Zongolica: Deals from the newest member of the .travel registry

It was announced by .travel that its newest member to join their popular travel domain registry is the unique Zongolica hotel in Mexico. Here, the hotel shares its experience signing up for a .travel website.

We are a Mountain Boutique Hotel that promotes Nature and Adventure Tourism in the skirts of the Pico de Orizaba Volcano, located in the Sierra de Zongolica in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Built on 4 hectares of Cloud Forest, at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level, so you will enjoy a pleasant climate that oscillates between 16 and 22ÂșC, as if you were in an air condition of the best 5-star hotel, only that natural and harmonized by the forest. For its design of maximum comfort and privacy of our guests, the Hotel remains closed 24 hours, if they wish to visit us it can only be possible by a previous reservation. Our strict selection in an indigenous municipality, characteristic for its gastronomy and customs, guarantees an excellent security, natural and cultural environment.

The exuberant nature, allows to appreciate Waterfalls and Waterfalls of more than 100 meters of height, basements until 340 meters of depth; Kayaks, Caving, Rappell, Trails, Down Hill, ATV's, Fishing, Photo Tours and many outdoor activities are our specialty.

The domain ".travel" has allowed us to reach a wider audience, its formality in the tourism sector, invites new visitors to visit previously unexplored destinations. Our experience with ".travel" has been unique and all of our reservations are made online ( ), employing 23 indigenous people from one of the Sierras of lesser economic development in Mexico.

Details of the .travel domain program may be found at and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at Please address any inquiries to

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Secret travel deals in Germany revealed is Germany’s most brilliant trip discovery platform. This website has made it fun, easy, and possible for travelers to discover amazing places in Germany, so far known only to local “insiders.” teamed up with the nation-leading knowledge community to create the most exciting database of hidden gems for travelers planning to visit Germany. The secret is simple: Hivino collected the best places in Germany, known only by "insiders," and collected all the information travelers will need to make visiting simple and free.

The team of "insiders" works around the clock to get the best places listed in categories like spa wellness & detox, seasonal attractions like ski and Christmas markets, places to enjoy family trips, tons of medieval castles, exploration of old towns, engaging in outdoor activities, and much more. is rapidly growing to become the most complete source of hidden gems in Germany.

This means that a trip to Germany becomes even more pleasant and exciting. After selecting the beautiful places from the website’s discovery panel, simply add it to a personal trip designed by you, for you, with everything organized into an easy-to-read itinerary from a mobile device, email, or even shared on social media with friends.

Hivino is a brand of Flyvino UG. For more information, go to

Details of the .travel domain program may be found at and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at Please address any inquiries to

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Most awarded tourism business in New Zealand offers high-quality deals is one of the most awarded tourism businesses in New Zealand. Its extensive range of Auckland Tours is the result of the passion of its Directors Neill and Ceillhe Sperath for the outstanding natural beauty, Maori culture, and friendly people that Auckland and New Zealand have to offer.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, provides an extensive range of high-quality Auckland Tours. Neill and Ceillhe Sperath are New Zealanders that are extremely passionate about Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) and Aotearoa (New Zealand). Ceillhe is a New Zealander of Maori descent, who has excellent contacts with groups involved in this fascinating culture that is so much part of New Zealand. This is very much reflected in the extensive range of high-quality Auckland Tours provided. Ceillhe is also a direct descendant of 2 very prominent Maori chiefs that helped shape New Zealand.

Neill Sperath is a passionate New Zealander by choice. He is of Irish and German descent and has become a proud New Zealander and a New Zealand citizen since relocating from Europe several years ago, after falling in love with New Zealand and Ceillhe. Previous to that he lived mainly in Ireland and Germany and is well travelled, having visited over 40 countries so far. Before coming to New Zealand Neill managed several large shopping centers in Europe.

Commenting on why they chose .travel for their website domain, Neill said: “.travel is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to our industry. This leads to Google and other search engines looking more favorably on our website and results in higher rankings.”

The unrivaled enthusiasm for what they do, unique and highly personal Auckland and NZ Tours, knowledge of and access to truly exceptional places and cultural experiences, plus their knowledge of both international and Maori culture, is what sets them apart from other tourism operators. Plus in the past few years alone they have won 8 significant awards, including a worldwide tourism award and many other awards.

Also on offer are Private Luxury Tours around Auckland and New Zealand as well as Auckland Tours for larger groups. Their success is based mainly on referrals from travelers who have been thrilled with the unique experiences around Auckland that were offered to them.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

VisitRussia.Travel: Bespoke travel services deals

VisitRussia.Travel is a Destination Management Company of Quest Travel ( ) based in Moscow, Russia, which is a small family-run travel concierge since 2009, providing affordable bespoke travel services all over the world.

Due to many requests from friends and partners all over the world regarding travel in Russia, decided to create a new brand: knows a lot about Russia and company team members have traveled to every part of this huge country, spending time exploring the backstreets, investigating the best guides, and finding the fabulous local restaurants. organizes completely tailor-made, private, and individual holidays. Its team of travel designers strive to give guests an authentic and rich holiday experience.

Russia is very unique, and it differs from everything a visitor knows, and it can be sometimes complicated and unpredictable even for locals. Travelers need an expert eye and a trusted opinion – and that’s where comes in – their team can be trusted!

Based on an initial chat, their travel designers will put together all suggestions combining a traveler’s vision and dreams with their own expertise and ideas, so at the end, their guests will get a journey of a lifetime in Russia!

For more information, contact , Tel: +74952550252

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Using his previous experiences, he began arranging custom Brazil vacations in a freelance manner, just prior to the 2014 World Cup. was officially started shortly thereafter. Jonah’s vision for the company is to simply share his love of Brazil with others, providing a personalized service with the utmost attention to detail, to ensure that his clients’ Brazil vacation is customized to their specific tastes.

The available destinations include some of the more popular Brazilian vacation spots such as: Rio de Janeiro, Amazon, Pantanal, Iguazu Falls, etc., but also the lesser known, off-the-beaten-track spots that Jonah has personally traveled to in Santa Catarina Minas Gerais and northeast Brazil where he lives. Services include but are not limited to: accommodations, transportation, private drivers, private aviation, day trips, city tours, bilingual guides, event tickets, culinary, company retreats, photo tours, yoga tours, adventure sports tours, etc., just about anything to make sure his clients receive the Brazil vacation of their dreams. is committed to doing business ethically, offering a valuable service at a fair price and furthering the concept of Responsible Tourism. Responsible Tourism means minimizing negative social, economic and environmental impacts on Brazil. Whenever possible, partnerships are formed with other businesses in the travel sector that are also committed to this practice of sustainability; caring for the environment, while generating greater economic benefits for local people thus enhancing the well-being of the community. believes that it is not only the right thing to do, but it is also in their best interest to preserve the natural landscapes and happy communities of people in Brazil, because without these things, their business would cease to exist.

For more information about specific Brazil tours, customizing your own Brazil vacation, how the booking process works, or for frequently asked questions, simply go to their site: or send Jonah an e mail at:

Details of the .travel domain program may be found at and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at . Please address any inquiries to

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pixeldreams: all things needed to prepare for a deal of a trip

Pixeldreams has been a part of the online travel industry since 2006 providing online travel sites where users can find all things needed on a destination to prepare for a trip. “At first, each city guide was functioning independently, but when we decided to make the leap to create a brand with which to be recognizable in social media and directly associated with the tourism industry, we liked the sound of the name Guias.Travel and especially the possibility of having the generic name of what we do: "Guides" (in Spanish Guias),” commented Isaac Paton, Pixeldreams Founder.

Pixeldreams loves the concept of .travel, and month by month the developments under its .travel domains go live, which for them is the best to have city names on .travel and develop on it. The latest .travel developments are and which are focused on the Spanish market.

For 2014, Pixeldreams will begin multi-language developments under a .travel generic city and region domains. It is looking for strategic alliances in the French market, especially for the Burdeox zone and Sicilia, and also in growth markets like Abu Dhabi and Astana. Pixeldreams has a .travel area for all them, and it expects to make great contacts at FITUR 2014, as well as focusing on classic holiday destinations like Punta Cana and Benidorm.

 Pixeldreams` goal is to provide the best information users can find to prepare for their trip and enjoy a destination, and this has been its success over the years. Pixeldream`s customers love the good information provided, and they buy the service recommend on their web site.

At Pixeldreams, every good notice about .travel is amplified as it develops, that's why on the social level, Guias.Travel is already connected with all the official portals that use the domain. Pixeldreams invites all those who are still not connected, to so via
For more information about what Pixeldreams does, access, as from there it is possible to access the different city developments.

For information about the full destinations generic portfolio and possible alliances, write to

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Laptops, smartphones, iPods, iPads and purses are expensive items to lose. They also contain a lot of our valuable personal information. With identity-theft on the rise, we simply cannot afford not to find our valuable lost possessions. Like many great ideas, MISIT™ grew out of a needs-based field. MISIT™ has been reuniting travelers with their lost property at ease for a price that is affordable. The close relationships we have fostered with airport and airline operators across the globe has enabled us to recover lost items on-board inbound/outbound planes, in airport terminals and various business establishments within the airport. This relationship is key for items to be returned to their rightful owners as swiftly as possible. Our sophisticated technology and dedicated, conscientious staff are able to make the reclaiming of lost property as easy as possible for our clients.

Our unique system links a vast network of locations where lost items may be recorded and gathered, creating a centralized database of items found across the globe. Passengers searching for their misplaced items can log their inquiries online, allowing the search for possible matches within our database to begin. This includes any other location that seems fit to finding your lost property. Our system handles lost property not only with airports and airlines around the world, but also incorporates shopping centers and other business located within the airports, allowing our network to grow continuously. Due to our success rate and request from customers, we have recently added other modes of transportation including Amtrak, New York’s MTA bus and subway system, NJ Transit, BART, MBTA, CTA, METRA, Metro-North Rail, and PATCO.

Once found, claimed and verified, items can either be collected from the lost property desks located where the item was found, or they can be sent directly to the claimant. Courier services enable us to reunite passengers with their property wherever they, or their lost property, may be located. Regretfully, most locations cannot store lost items indefinitely. For example, some airports have a 30 day holding policy, others have one for 90 days (each location is different). This allows only a small window of opportunity to retrieve your lost property. Luckily, MISIT™ is here to help, putting a detective on your case whose number one mission is finding what rightfully belongs to you.

We all love to travel, but the inconvenience of losing your possessions can ruin your journey. Luckily, MISIT™ can reunite you with your belongings at the click of a button; providing you with good luck!

For more information, visit: 

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Saturday, September 2, 2017 deals: Tour operator unveils the magic of this ancient land

Indonesian tour operator,, has 18 years of experience in operating tours throughout Indonesia - Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda (Nusa Tenggara Islands), Bali, Papua Island, and many more. Their trips unveil the magical natural history, wildlife, and culture of this ancient land. Moreover, Adventure Indonesia arranges tours based on PRIVATE tours. Visitors can set their own tour dates, which the company will provide along with private airport/harbor transfer, boat, tour guide, trekking ranger, and so on. All of tour programs are flexibly designed to suit the needs of travelers of any age, and even for those with disabilities.

To make sure the quality of their service is top notch, all of tours are DIRECTLY OPERATED by the company through its own offices in almost all the major islands of Indonesia, with the involvement of local people. By operating tours themselves, Adventure Indonesia can directly control the quality of its tours and provide guests with FIRST-HAND tour prices. Adventure Indonesia is trusted by many travel agents from all over the world as their ground operator in Indonesia with various types of clients: adventurers, honeymooners, businessmen, students, and families. The company’s guides are professional local guides who really understand the sites and are keen on showing people how beautiful each tourist destination is. All of Adventure Indonesia staff members will stand by in case guests need any assistance during the tour.

For more information, visit their website:

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With beautiful beaches, many adventure and eco-tourism options, El Salvador is a gem to discover in Central America. Although relatively undiscovered and new to the global travel scene, El Salvador is quickly becoming a choice destination in Central America. As a way to jump start its place in the global tourism market, El Salvador introduced a new ministry of tourism project in 2005. As part of this focused project, El Salvador adopted as its primary marketing message.

Knowing that a .travel name would automatically link the country as a tourism destination, El Salvador purchased its name in 2006, and since the launch and other targeted efforts, the growth of tourism to El Salvador has been tremendous.
El Salvador is becoming increasing popular among tourist travels due to its beautiful climate and variety of attractions featuring some of the most breathtaking volcanoes and beaches in the world. From the Santa Ana volcano, which is the largest in the Pacific volcanic chain, to Los Cobanos beach where one can find some of the best scuba diving in the world, visitors will surely find the activity of choice in El Salvador.

For more information on El Salvador and planning a visit to this beautiful destination, please go to

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